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Afternoon Earl Grey


Product Description

You’re not an ordinary person, and this is not an ordinary Earl Grey. Classic bergamont essence sits among invigorating black tea, but you’ll find the additional flavours of orange and lemon make this steep exceptionally intriguing, and perfect for a midday energizer. Ingredients: black tea, orange pieces, lemongrass leaves, cornflower petals, natural flavours. 10 servings (16 grams). Medium caffeine.

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Customer Reviews

Kate S. - 06/16/2020

The best tea

This is seriously my favorite tea I have ever drank. It is so smooth and comforting. It does not surprise me that it sold out the first day that the store opened. It invokes bright citrus notes pairing well with the richness of a black tea. I add just a little bit of milk or creamer--what ever I have around--and I am transported back to my time in the U.K. I was hoarding my one packet, but now I don't have to! This shop was the best thing to happen to me as I journey away from constant sodas and coffee, to a more refined tea love. Thank you so much myteabox.ca

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